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Initiate Requirements:

In summary, an initiate must:

  • Attend initiation (visit the events page for time and location).
  • Hand in paperwork, including an essay, application, faculty recommendation, and catalog cards.  Place paperwork in the TBP mailbox, located near the University Ave. entrance of the Engineering Centers Building.
    We've started a webpage of initiates'  quotes from their essays.  You can see the quotes here.
  • Attend Bent Polishing or Bent Casting (visit the events page for time and location).
  • Attend at least one Engineering Futures session (visit the events page for time and location).
  • Perform four hours of community service (unless you attend two Engineering Futures sessions).

The documents below contain descriptions of a few processes you must go through as an initiate of UW-Madison's chapter of Tau Beta Pi.


* Preferably the form should be filled out by a professor, but a TA or boss is also sufficient.

Bent Polishing/Casting dates will be out soon

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