Current Officers



Cassie Bradley

I am a fifth year senior studying Electrical Engineering with a certificate in Business. This is my third year as an officer and I aim to increase awareness of Tau Beta Pi on Madison's campus. I have had internships in the power and automotive industries from Wisconsin, to Texas, to Michigan. As well as going to school, I raise puppies that will hopefully become guide dogs for the visually impaired. In my free time I love cuddling with my dogs, reading, and watching movies.

Vice President

Jared Muench

I am a senior in Biomedical Engineering with a certificate in Biology in Engineering. My recent experiences include traveling and studying in Italy, conducting research on human musculoskeletal injuries, and an internship focused on the biomechanics of treadmill and exercise equipment use. In my last year with Tau Beta Pi, I look forward to attending TBP National Convention in Detroit and meeting our new class of initiates. When I am not playing piano or participating in intramural sports, you can be sure to find me at most Badger football and basketball games!


Desiree Flouro

I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering. I am pursuing certificates in Leadership and Biology in Engineering. This is my second year as an officer and I would highly recommend running for an officer position as I have had a ton of fun. I am also involved with Badger Volunteers. In my free time I enjoy watching movies and playing intramural sports with friends.

Corresponding Secretary

Claire Chen

I am a junior in Mechanical Engineering pursuing a certificate in Global Health. This is my second year as an officer and I am excited to be able to get more involved with TBP! I have previously interned at Medtronic in Minneapolis, and will be on co-op at GE Healthcare starting in Spring 2018. Outside of engineering, I love playing the piano and viola, running, traveling, and am a part of the Wisconsin Club Tennis team.

Recording Secretary

Haley Massa

Hi, my name is Haley Massa and this year I will be a junior studying electrical engineering. I am a member of a few other organizations on campus including Lean In and Engineering Without Borders. It is my third year in Tau Beta Pi and I am excited to act as the recording secretary. Attending meetings and working the Pi Mile Run for the past two years, I am now eager to take a larger role in TBP.

Industrial Relations

Nicole Boehne

I am a senior majoring in Industrial Engineering with a Certificate in Business. This is my first year as an officer and I am looking forward to getting more involved in TBP. The past two summers I have interned with Deloitte Consulting as a Business Technology Analyst. Outside of academics, I play intramural soccer and volleyball, and I love traveling, being outdoors, watching Badger sports.

Volunteer Coordinator

Nichole Truby

I am a junior studying Biological Systems Engineering with a certificate in Engineering for Energy Sustainability. This is my second semester in Tau Beta Pi and my first year as an officer. I am eager to increase the involvement of TBP in volunteering and expand the type of volunteer work we do. During the summer, I kept busy with an internship at a research station. I also enjoyed runs, bike rides, and nights at the terrace. I am excited to see what this school year has in store for us!

Fundraising Chair

Erik Doersching

I am a junior in Chemical Engineering and have been a member of Tau Beta Pi for two years. I am looking forward to contributing to TBP as an officer. My goal is to greatly increase the available funds for our organization, which will hopefully create opportunities to promote volunteerism, professional development, and social experiences. Outside of TBP I am involved in a few other clubs and intramurals.

Social Coordinator

Ethan Wen

I am a sophomore in Biomedical Engineering pursuing a certificate in Japanese or Computer Sciences. This is my first full year in TBP and first year as an officer, and I am excited to plan some fun social events for us! Since last fall, I have been doing undergraduate research, and I am looking for an internship or research position this summer. Outside of academics, I love working out, playing tennis, and watching anime (threw you a curveball there didn't I).

Pi-Mile Run Coordinator

Emily Jewell

I am a 5th year double majoring in Engineering Mechanics and Mathematics. This is my fourth year in Tau Beta Pi, second as Pi Mile Run Coordinator, and I am excited for another successful Pi Mile Run in Spring 2018! Aside from my work through Tau Beta Pi, I enjoy science outreach volunteering, perform independent research under Professor Matt Allen, and play on UW's club ultimate frisbee team.

Pi-Mile Run Coordinator

Bryce Kramer

I am a senior studying Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics with a certificate in Mathematics. This is my second year as an officer and I enjoy coordinating the Pi Mile Run. In addition to school and Tau Beta Pi, I will always be ready for a game of soccer and love watching a good movie.


Rachel Reiter

I am a fifth year senior in Biomedical Engineering with certificates in Computer Science, International Engineering, and Biology in Engineering. This is my third year as an officer and I am currently studing abroad in Valencia, Spain. Aside from academics, I have some serious puzzle skills and enjoy playing basketball in my freetime. I also redesigned this website last year, so if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know!